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Shop your complete skateboard, cruiser skateboard, longboard or surf skate at Stay_K online skate shop. For a "normal" skateboard, to look for ready-to-ride pre-built completes, means that either you're a beginner or on a budget. This may be the same for a cruiser skateboard, too. On the other hand, for a longboard or surf skate, it's the most common to find pre-built completes. What these mean? For complete skateboard and cruiser you can set up your own custom by choosing each part individually from the many choices we have. The benefit of setting up your own is that you get to choose exactly, for each skate part (deck,wheels,bearings etc.), the specifications you prefer or like to skate with. This is the main reason that a custom complete skateboard, instead of a pre-built one, is considered pro-grade. To do so, nevertheless, you need to have that extra knowledge you get from experience, trial and / or research. At Stay_K, we're always ready to assist our customers to set up their own complete skateboard or cruiser, even if they're just starting. If you wish to proceed that way, please use our Contact page to reach out to us. Overall, each of these four categories of completes (Complete Skateboard, Cruiser Skateboard, Longboard, Surf Skate) serves a different purpose and skating style. Continue reading to learn more about each one.

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