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 About Stay K 





We are skateboarders. Modern age 'nomads' who roll through cities. Carried away, as far as one can go, by this sense to eye the soulless part of a city in unique way - turn it into obstacles to overcome steadily. The urban spaces pave the creation of our art. However, this relationship is mutual as we give to the city's soulless objects breath. 
Based in Cyprus..   

When some people believed the world was about to end, we set off for new beginnings - mid 2012, Stay K is created  originally with a different name and as online skateboard magazine working in Cyprus and Greece. Later on, since 2015 Stay K Skateboarding is established as retailer of well known brands, as event organizer and also keeps on producing  original films, pictures and merchandise. With such motivating forces - as love and passion for skateboarding, a daring vision, an altogether uneasy spirit, a burn to explore and create through the world and within - and not the average goal for places and times of crisis, we follow this path and aim for the best.

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Christos Yiannaki

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From Nicosia, Cyprus

AKA: John, Johnyboy

Favorite Trick: Kickflip

Current Setup: Antiz 8.4, Turbo 55mm, Destructo D2,     Pusher Bearings Abec 9

Interests: Video, Graphics, Poetry, Guitar, Women

Quote: "Stay K."

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Earthless - Sonic Prayer

Tony Josephides

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From Burgas, Bulgaria

AKA: Tony Tzo

Favorite Trick: Ollie

Current Setup: Passport 8.5, Antiz 55mm, Film Trucks 8.7, Emillion Bearings Speedys

Interests: Photography, Video, Painting, AM Dance Moves

Quote: "Everything's got to start and end. But, nothing stops progress." 

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Kavinsky - Nightcall

Charis Ioannou

  • Instagram - charis ioannou

From Limassol, Cyprus

AKA: Otzzzi

Favorite Trick: Varial Heel, Lazer Flip

Current Setup: Emillion Fibertech 8.25

Interests: Limassol Gang, Beer with the homies, Yogi (french bulldog), Clothing brands, Physio

Quote: "Life gets tough. Shit gets real." 

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Molchat doma - Kletka

Tasos Panayi

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From Larnaca, Cyprus

Favorite Trick: BS Flip, Benihana

Current Setup: Emillion 8.25, Film Trucks,

Turbo Wheels 55mm

Interests: Art, Photography, Exploring

Quote: "Be fearless in the pursuit

of what sets your soul on fire."

Eminem, Dr. Dre - Forgot About Dre (Expl


Stefanos   Panteli

  • Instagram - Black Circle

From Nicosia, Cyprus

Graphics, Painting, Graffiti, Architecture

George   Voudias

  • Tumblr - Black Circle

From Nicosia, Cyprus

AKA: Intruder

Photography, Video, Watching 360 Flips

Tune: Diafana Krina band's every song

Quote: "Keep faith and live your life."

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