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 skate protective gear helmet skateboard shop cyprus online


Minimize danger by wearing your helmet. In skateboarding, like with all activities, to stay safe is top priority. When protecting yourself from any danger, what part of your body does need protection more than your head? It's true that skating at times may put your body at risk. You can very much minimize that by wearing your helmet. Also, when trying a trick that is out of your comfort zone, protective gear will give you confidence to achieve your goal.

 skate protective gear helmet skateboard shop cyprus online
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Protect yourself with a HELMET from the STAY_K online Skate Shop

In case you are wondering, the helmet you see on the following picture is not for sale! That was a joke, but avoiding to use a helmet, especially if you are a beginner and when you skate certain spots, is no joke. As they say, you can never be too cautious.


Find a size guide in each of our helmet's product description. All you have to do is measure the perimeter of your head in centimeters and the guide we provide will do the rest. To be versatile, most skate helmets we have come with an adjustable ring. Make sure to get the right size, because especially a helmet or protective pads shouldn't be too loose or tight. Stay_K skate shop is always there for you, so if you have a question or need to return protective gear you purchased, feel free to contact us. Keep skating and be safe!

 skate protective gear helmet skateboard shop cyprus online
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