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Once a small brand local to the city of Brisbane, Australia, Pass-Port Skateboards has progressed into one of the most notable companies based outside of the US, today. Pass-port or P~P draws its influence from the Aussie culture and humor and, also, from old books and symbolism. Their video content has always been top notch and often incorporates motifs carried over from skateboard deck graphics and vice versa, as team rider Geoff Campbell has experience with filming and video production, like he did for a 2013 Australian scene video.

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Pass-Port was founded in 2009 by Trent Evans, who - with his attention to detail - evolved the brand and has been introducing to skaters and enthusiasts, collection after collection,  cool skateboard deck designs and accessories. Solid proof is the latest collaboration with a global brand like Nike SB, for the release of the icon, the Dunk High "work boot" as they called it, inspired by their logo of the work man.

Callum Paul became the company’s first pro in 2014, with Dean Palmer joining him shortly afterwards. Later, Josh Pall and young Jack O' Grady found their place on P~P to fit perfectly. O' Grady's name, you'll find out, as Stay_K took notice, has been popping up on Thrasher Magazine and everywhere for the last few years as he's leveling up the global skateboarding scene constantly with his risky, big and technical rail maneuvers, which he always performs with great speed.

passport skateboards cyprus skate shop online
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