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STAY_K - Clothing - Winter '19 Collection

Every species has got survival mechanisms, intelligence, weapons, defense mechanisms.

This winter we took measures and stocked our shop with some pullovers and hoodies to protect us during the cold season. Like many animals have got fur, we have got our Logo Hoodie and Flamegraph Sweatshirt with fleece to warm us up. Then we can be outdoors for as long as possible doing our thing. Easy.

Every single species has got survival mechanisms, ways to attract the opposite sex to mate and perpetuate their kind. Like birds sing and dance while opening their wings, like your neighbor's cats caress their mate before the act. Well, we can do all that but we prefer to do something else more passionately. Imagine the opposite sex is the perfect spot to skate or, in anyone's perception, create with whatever form of expression that might be. On our side, we pound our bodies to the sidewalk, carefully slide our wax on ledges, grind our bodies along curbs, rails, ramps and we flirt with the wide wide road. Now, isn't it sexy? It does matter to express yourself in a nice and quality outfit because the choice of outfit is a form of self expression.

Skateboarding and Art for us is second nature and go hand in hand. Both need a lot of practice, patience, concentration and character. To improve, in both, one needs to look at situations and objects from a different perspective. Like every species develop instincts and some even transform their bodies to merge with the environment. So, the main thing Stay_K looks after is to equip this clothing to project: persistence, motivation, feeling, thoughtfulness and love. Important blessings for people in life.

The creation of this collection and our whole operation is part of these mechanisms we are talking about and extends to our roots.

In case you wånder.


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