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Watch our Tour Video * ΑΘΗΝΑ * (Athens 12-19 May 2016)

You catch me in the mood for troll.

How presidential candidates, when not elected, stand out and say that other candidates have stolen their votes. I wouldn't like to comment on this and I don't know if this has happened in your country recently. But in Cyprus, there is this somewhat crazy old guy that did it three times.

Yes, it is the same guy that in his campaign announced for his main goal is to build utopia and bring the sea in Nicosia via canals. Among other things, he stated that he will make it illegal for women to say 'no' to a man (understand for what). Maybe he wouldn't be so bad of a president after all : P

Anyway, these been mentioned, I have to say that I strongly believe someone is stealing our views and puts them on their videos. Because, I can't comprehend how This Tour Video has so few views. It is such a beautiful montage. Come on, make this right and watch the video and if you hear anything suspicious, please contact us.

Thank you.

Giorgio Zavos, Tony Josephides, Stevie Alvanos, Raphael Akerstrom, Timmy Alvanos, Roso Pwnd, Koger Sarbast, Nestor Suki and Solon Lalas.

Photographs courtesy of Tony Tzo

Montage: Christos Yiannaki

ΑΘΗΝΑ title by Christos Mikellidis


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