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 skateboard wheels skate shop online cyprus


New skateboard wheels setup always plays a major role on how fast your skate can go. If you find yourself rolling a lot of rough streets lately, or if your appetite leans more towards cruising and curving instead of doing flip tricks, then you'd want to reconsider what wheel size, hardness and shape is best for you. It's often underrated, but the importance of having different types of wheels to choose from is real. At Stay_K skate shop we have a wide variety of both cruiser wheels and wheels for street skateboarding by top European companies like Crupie and Haze Wheels.

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 skateboard cruiser wheels skate shop online cyprus
 skateboard wheels skate shop online cyprus
skateboard wheels skate shop online cyprus
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Urethane, the material skateboard wheels are made of, is really durable and a set can last you for years. But as we mentioned above, there are other reasons you might want to change wheels for. These can be a change in skating style or spots you frequent. Nevertheless, we don't recommend wearing your wheels off to the point of almost riding on the bearings, as they can become slippery and really slow.

At Stay_K skate shop you can find top European companies specializing in skate wheels, like Haze Wheels, and Crupie Multicultural, along Turbo Wheels, a sister company to Antiz Skateboards, Bonjour, sister company to Film Trucks, and Emillion along Rellik Skateboards. 

 skateboard wheels skate shop online cyprus
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