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BEST SELLING COMPANIES at STAY_K online skate shop

Find well established and respected within the skate market brands. As a skater-owned shop, we have everything a skateboarder needs, as well as protective gear for all extreme sports. All these products come with in-detail description and even guides to help you choose what is best for you to better perform and enjoy the experience. If you like to shop by brand, get to know more about them before shopping with the background story behind each one we provide for you. This way, you not only rock their skate or clothing accessories, but you have one more reason to do so. We try always to be up to date with what's going on in the skate game, more so about these companies we love and support. Most of them are skater-owned, too, and this alone creates a connection with us and our customers. Shop the best in the European market and more at Stay_K online skate shop.

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With the motto "skater-owned, core to the bone", Stay_K Skateboarding, besides being a leading skate shop in the island of Cyprus, it is also a street wear and skateboard brand. Find a wide variety of both printed and embroidered t-shirts, hoodies, streetwear, as well as skate accessories with cool designs. In addition, our original skateboard decks have a strong presence in the streets and skateparks of Cyprus.

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antiz skateboards skate brand shop


From experience, these guys know the importance of testing the product in the streets before giving their customers the best there is. A skater-owned company with all the meaning of the words. Choose among one of the widest varieties of skateboard deck sizes / shapes in the market. In the full length videos the company still invests on (respect!) and their ads, you see friendship and simple mindedness promoted, along hardcore skateboarding, of course.

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EMillion skateboards skate brand logo


film skateboard trucks company shop
film skateboard trucks logo

For EMillion, skateboarding is art. That's why part of their brand's name is SkateboArts. They like to collaborate with various artists and to have a team of skateboarders who influence the brand creatively. Their goal is to keep skaters fresh, with the best Canadian maple wood, quality wheels, good griptape and stylish skate accessories. Their motto:


Light skateboard trucks, with medium to low height for stability. A clever baseplate designed for smoother grinds and slides. In addition, Daclin, Film Trucks' owner, says that he likes to see his company as a deck company. Mean you can find lots of collaborations with artists, pro skaters, musicians, crews, being released on limited runs, with colors and prints for different tastes on every collection. 


The company was founded by a skater in LA, who had knee injuries. The mainstream orthotic insoles they recommended him weren't satisfying enough, so he started to think what insoles would skaters need. Footprint was born and the world's best impact protection foam was invented and patented.

footprint insoles shoes brand shop
footprint logo insoles shoes


The vision of the brand can be seen in both Polar's graphics - which range from light-hearted humorous to space and sci-fi - and wide skateboard deck shape variety. The latter shows about them being serious in what they do, partly the reason of its rise to become a leading name in the smaller company resurgence the skate market has seen over the last years.

brand  polar skateboards company skate shop
logo polar skate co
homeboy pants clothing street


Homeboy put the words street wear and skate wear in the European market in the late 80s. Today, their iconic pants are upgraded, while having the same vibe that shook the industry back in the day. Baggy pants, comfortable and flexible, for ease of movement while performing a trick or your everyday life chores. Lightweight but resistant materials / construction. "Homeboy Loud Couture!"

homeboy logo pants clothing street


rellik skateboards skate brand shop
rellik skateboards logo shop

Made by skateboarders for beginner skateboarders, so that it's fun from the start! Rellik is reverse for "killer", because of their first class skate gear for people who want to spend a lower budget. The company was founded in Canada. Later, Emillion took over to carry on providing in the beginner price range, without sacrificing any of the quality.

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