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Pusher Bearings

A European company providing fast skate bearings and offering quality solutions to European skateshops and customers, other than the US-based bearing brands, in affordable prices. Founded in the EU "skate capital" Barcelona by pro skater Antony Lopez (known for his collaborations with DC Shoes), with the goal to fill the void, with a skateboard bearings brand originating from Europe and having a strong presence in the international skate scene. Stay_K always supports such skater-owned companies representing European skateboarding.

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 pusher skate bearings skateboard  shop online cyprus


The names behind each of their bearing product say it all. "Speed", "Very Speed", "Mega Speed" and "F*ckin Speed"; for ABEC 5, ABEC 7, ABEC 9 and Ceramic bearings, respectively. These bearings are fast from the moment you will set them up and for months to go, tested and guaranteed by the Stay_K crew.


The Pusher Bearings international team of top pros, Josef Scott (Sour Skateboards), Marek Zaprazny (Primitive), Carlos Iqui (DC shoes, Crupie Wheels), Thierry "Titi" Gormit (Almost Skateboards, Adidas, Helas Caps, Gronze), push the brand and tour the glo