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stay k skateboard skate shop online cyprus


Stay_K Skateboarding, besides being a leading skate shop in Cyprus, it is also a streetwear and skateboard brand. Our original products range from a variety of hoodies and cool t-shirt designs, printed and embroidered, to skate accessories like wax. Main goals are to always promote collaborations with artists within the local skate community, and to aim for the best quality possible. Of course, our Stay_K decks have a strong presence in the streets and skateparks around the island. The debut pro model of Tony "Tzo" Josephides is a first for CY and takes the scene again one step further. Like only a core skateshop knows how to do. Another special line we produce is our handmade silver jewellery.

stay k skateboard skate shop online cyprus
stay k skateboard deck skate shop online cyprus
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STAY_K SKATEBOARDS and STREET WEAR at our online Skate Shop

Designs and products made locally with love for skateboarding, first and foremost - but for arts, street culture and the strong DIY ethos, too. It shows in almost every collaboration and event that the team behind Stay_K realize. Skater-owned, Core To The Bone! is our motto and we are in it for life.

Cinematography's been always a strong weapon in our arsenal. Since long before the shop and name came about, our main guy Christos Yiannaki was an active skate filmer and editor. Creating projects with crews, friends and local talent from all around the island, always with a passion to showcase what CY skateboarding's about. For instance, video premieres started from backyards, then local skateshops and skate spots with a projector, only for a handful of skaters and fans. Now, they end up in big warehouses and venues, premiere parties that host hundreds of people. The full-length skateboard film SHREADY! (summer 2021), we can proudly say, is the biggest video project that came out of Cyprus. 

stay k skateboard shop online cyprus
stay k skateboard skate shop online cyprus
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