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film skateboard trucks skate shop cyprus


Light skateboard trucks, with medium to low height for stability, and a clever (thinner on the outside) baseplate designed for smoother noseslides, tailslides and other grinds and slides (less friction). In addition, Jeremie Daclin, Film Trucks' owner, states that he likes to see his company as a board company, meaning you can find lots of collaborations with artists, pro skaters, musicians and crews, being released on limited runs, adding colors and prints for different tastes on every truck collection. From Film, at Stay_K, you can also shop useful skate accessories and hardware, as well as clothing accessories and fun stuff, like the Tail Devil and the Bike Strap.

tail devil skateboard skate shop cyprus
film skateboard trucks skate shop cyprus
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Film Trucks was created to accompany Cliche Skateboards' completes, when European skate culture was being introduced to then Cali-driven industry, late 90s. How Cliche (Lyon, France) started? Jeremie Daclin didn't want to move base like his previous sponsor, Flip, did. His vision was and is to support Euro pros and offer the same quality for cheaper to the local skate shops. Same goes with Film. In fact, the market hadn't seen many changes with skateboard truck companies for decades. Having done that with a European one is a huge step.

Behind Daclin, there are two more super interesting brands. The new Bonjour Urethane and Into The Wild Skateboards. Both, you can currently find here, on Film Truck's shop page, until more stock comes in and Stay_K gives them their very well-deserved own brand pages. The annual Slappy Challenge is a famous fun competition organized by the team and shows that the company is all about having a fun session with friends down at the local curb spot. No big tricks needed to have fun! Grind anything with Film Trucks!

film skateboard trucks skate shop cyprus
film skateboard trucks skate shop cyprus

"Corps à Corps" translates to hand to hand and is the latest full length by FILM

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