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crupie skateboard wheels shop cyprus


Crupie skateboard wheels are built in two shapes, the Skinny and the Wide, for different skating styles, both in conical shape (but not fully conical). They all come in a standard for street skateboarding 101A hardness and their heights rate from 51mm to 54mm. With this brand, you will be able to choose among more than one of your favorite skaters to ride their signature pro models, we are sure, because of all the famous names of the international scene. The pro team speaks for itself. With Tiago Lemos, Carlos Ribeiro, Carlos Iqui, Javier Sarmiento, Rodrigo Peterson, Shmatty, Joey Brazinski and Matheus Du Bronks behind this brand, you know you will ride one of the best. 

Crupie Wheels = high end urethane.

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Crupie Wheels, also known as Crupiê Multicultural, is a skateboard wheels brand, a company of friends from all over the world that skating brought together with the goal to make some of the best wheels in the game. The brand's philosophy is to build bridges worldwide. This shows, apart from the international team we mentioned earlier, with what kind of collaborations they do. From small local businesses like Al Carrer skateshop in Barcelona, to top USA brands like Paul Rodriguez's Primitive Skateboards, to legends of the OG rap scene like Killah Priest and ODB of Wu Tang Clan. Buy your new skateboard wheels at Stay_K online skate shop.

crupie skateboard wheels shop cyprus