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Among all pre-built Completes, Cruiser Skateboards aka Cruisers may be the best choice to use as means of transport. They aren't big and heavy like longboards, so you can carry them easily by hand when you need to step down. And their wheels are very wide and frictionless, unlike skateboards. Plus, they always come in aerodynamic shapes. If a "normal" skateboard's main purpose (with its deck shape, wheels style etc...) is for doing tricks, then a Cruiser's purpose is to take you places, as the name indicates. They are also ideal for Filming Boards (a skateboard setup for filmers), because they are silent, they can take quick turns with their soft trucks' bushings and wheel wells carved on the deck, and they can keep up with the skater with their fast soft and wide wheels. Stay_K skate shop.

mor of cruiser
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Find pre-built complete cruisers by Dusters California, coming straight from the birthplace of the culture, and by one of our most famous companies for all things skateboarding, Rellik Skateboards. You can also set up your own custom complete cruiser, as Stay_K skate shop offers a lot of choices in both Deck and Wheels categories for cruiser skateboards. These are special shaped decks and wide soft wheels. Then of course, you'll need some fast bearings, and riser pads to push farther the distance between those big wheels and the deck.


Have it as a second setup if you mostly practice tricks or as your main setup because there was never intention for many flip tricks or slides on ledges. One thing is for sure. It will give you that feeling of freedom many of us start skateboarding for. And when you need that adrenaline, just push a lil' harder.

 skateboard complete  cruiser  skate shop cyprus online
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