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Shoes made for skateboarding have to be durable to be able to endure impact and contact with the griptape. In addition, they're especially designed to protect your feet from hits, your ankles, knees and even your back from jumping. They achieve this with state of the art materials built in both the shoe and sole for cushioning. If these materials are really worn out, to decrease risk of injuries, we recommend to consider buying new shoes. Signs that your old shoes are at the point of no return: slippery sole, the bottom of the sole has a hole, ripped eyelets for the shoelaces, shoe becomes loose and wambly. Stay_K online skate shop.

 skateboard shoes skate shop cyprus

Shop your New SKATE SHOES at STAY_K Skateboarding

Footprint is very well known for its innovative impact protection technology used or built in all their products. The company started by making insoles, different kinds of them with different qualities. Now, you can find skate shoes that have this special foam, invented and patented to fight the issues skateboarders face on a daily basis, built in both their insole and outsole. It's a fact, the world's gnarliest ollie, the Lyon 25-stairs by Aaron Jaws Homoki, was landed on Footprint.


Stay_K online skateboard shop offers shoes designed by some of the best in the game, like Aaron Jaws Homoki, Ryan Decenzo, Neen Williams and Paul Hart. The rest of this powerhouse of a team are Julian Agliardi, Ace Pelka aka Slappyredz and Nathan Ko.

 skateboard shoes skate shop cyprus
mor abt shoes

Protective Insoles for skateboarding and other extreme sports

 skateboard shoes skate shop cyprus

The company that invented the world's best shock absorbing (impact protection) foam and took the skate market by surprise, Footprint! How does it work? The material is based on non-Newtonian fluid. This means that they are soft and comfortable, until they take impact / shock abruptly. Then, by becoming stiff, they can protect your feet, ankles, knees and even your back from shock. This technology attracts not only skateboarders

and athletes of BMX, snowboard, roller skate, but also one of the most famous acrobats' group, Cirque Du Soleil, as well as... NASA. Yeap, you heard right. The US Space Administration asked a skater-owned company to use their patent to protect machinery at Space Stations. All of the above point out that it's a good choice to consider Footprint Insoles, even in brand new or your casual shoes. You can always use them for many pairs. Note: They fit almost every shoe in the market, just make sure that your current insoles are removable.

 footprint insoles protection skateboard shoes skate shop cyprus

The Intercept, the shoe that changed the game! 

- Footprint state of the art technology

- Pro model designed by Neen Williams (Deathwish Skateboards, Shake Junt) 

- Features the "Forever Cap", the extremely durable toe cap that lasts thru countless ollies and kickflips

- Features the Footprint classic DGS outsole system for impact absorbing and joint stabilization

- Note: this shoe runs half size smaller

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