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rellik skateboard skate shop online cyprus


Made by skateboarders for beginner skateboarders, so that skateboarding is fun from the start! rellik is reverse for "killer", because of their first class skateboard hardware for people who want to spend a lower budget. The company was founded in early 2000s in Canada. Soul Distribution (EMillion Skateboarts) took over the brand in 2010 to carry on the goal of providing products and accessories to skateboarders for cheap, without sacrificing any of the quality. Before rellik, it was difficult to get that quality standard in this lower, beginner price range, in Europe. At Stay_K, we are always happy to offer many choices and solutions to our customers. 

rellik skateboard complete skate shop online cyprus
rellik longboard skate shop online cyprus
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Looking for quality products while you are on a budget? Or are you a beginner who wants to start on the right equipment? You will love this skateboard company. If you need something just for cruising, rellik will cover you too. Complete skateboards, cruiser skateboards and longboards, blank skateboard decks and wheels, hardware, spare parts and skate tools, are some of the products for skateboarding you can find in this shop page at Stay_K skateshop.


If you want to look more into the art side of the brand's team, maybe EMillion SkateboArts, rellik's sister company, will suit you better. Nevertheless, rellik invests in their artistic designs, other than the technical, usually for the complete sets they offer. Featured graphics mainly of relaxed and summer vibes, like California, the birth place of skateboarding, for sure fit Stay_K skateshop the Cyprus skate scene. Find, also, minimal and surreal vibes on their decks. Happy online shopping!

rellik skateboard skate shop online cyprus
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