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High quality protective gear, helmets and knee / elbow / wrist pads, from Powerslide and brands distributed by the company, like Ennui. To start off right, these are the most important items, after shopping a complete skateboard, of course. Continue reading, to find the most popular shop categories for beginners and discover what professionals recommend to make your first push with safety. Or shop straight their pro gear, if it's more your level. Either way, Stay_K skate shop has got you covered. Another company we stock that produces these kinds of products is Athlopaidia from Greece.

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Looking into Powerslide, like we do with all our brands, for sure drew our interest. Stay_K is a skateboard specialty shop, but stories like this are worth telling. The company started back in late 80s by a German champion of quad skate racing. This man started small, literally, by selling equipment from the back of his car at local contests. After his father had died, he needed to provide for his family and fund his tours to contests to continue his career. Later, as the demand was growing he went on to distribute top brands from all over the world. At the same time, he formed a team to support local talent; and as the market was changing, he started producing his own products to cover the need, with innovation being his main driving force. Some of the most famous companies he founded are: USD skates for aggressive inline, Ennui for professional protective gear, Wicked Hardware for bearings, tools and accessories, and Chaya for quad skates. 

Powerslide's motto: "WE LOVE TO SKATE". Nothing better than that!

powerslide skate protection gear helmet pads shop cyprus
powerslide skate protection gear helmet pads shop cyprus
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