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A skater-owned company with all the meaning of the words. From experience, these guys know the importance of testing the product in the streets before giving customers the best there is. Choose among one of the widest varieties of board sizes / shapes in the market, from popsicle decks to pool / bowl special shapes. Other than the skateboards and wheels, Antiz always offers a nice collection of clothing like t-shirts, and accessories like caps, beanies and patches. All of the above are put to the test to confirm that they can last the abuse skaters constantly put their gear through.

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The name comes from the French word hantise=haunted. Thus, the sometimes macabre and dark graphics showing, among others, the inner war before landing a trick. Another character you find on their products is the owl that symbolizes wisdom. These guys definitely are streetwise and skate-industry-wise, being around since early 2000s. On the other hand, in the full-length videos the company still invests on (respect!) and their ads, you see friendship and simple mindedness promoted, along hardcore skateboarding of course. These also show through interesting collaborations on every collection and shout outs to musicians, photographers, artists.

The Antiz team consists of top-notch names from all over Europe. Sam Partaix, Thanos Panou, Samu Karvonen and Roland Hirsch are some of the OGs. The newest pros, Yeleen Moens and Pepe Tirelli, as well as their latest additions, Joel Juuso and Andre Gerlich, are definitely what modern European skateboarding is about.

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