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magenta skateboards cyprus skate shop online


Magenta Skateboards produces its high quality decks at a leading manufacturer in Mexico. The brand focuses simply on what makes skating fun: a reason to go out and spend time in the city, travel with your friends and get your kicks. Their promo video "Just Cruise" for sure defined the brand's character early on. Watch one of Magenta's films, featuring fast lines, close-up fisheye angles, on unusual street corners in Europe, USA and even India. Get hyped and then grab one of their decks and get out there! One of the founders of the company, Sourya "Soy" Panday, is responsible for the art direction of the brand and for him to express artistically is similar to skateboarding itself. He collaborated with Cliche and Landscape Skateboards, Film Trucks, and with one of  the most influential artist / skaters, Mark "Gonz" Gonzales.

mor about magnta


The name comes from a boulevard in Paris where founders and best friends Soy Panday and Vivien Feil used to live, in case you ever wondered (like we at Stay_K did) why magenta and not some other color. When Feil brothers and Soy felt that skateboarding was becoming corporate, back in 2010, they decided to start Magenta and focus simply on what makes it fun.

An achievement of the Bordeaux skate scene, Magenta's home city, that we would like to mention: Pioneered by their team rider, Leo Valls, they managed to turn Bordeaux into one of the most skate-friendly in Europe. In few words, Leo managed to communicate to the city council what skateboarding is about, why it belongs in the streets and is a huge part of the modern urban culture. You can find out all the details in his Kingpin Magazine interview. An example that can be useful for many people worldwide, involved in the skate community. 

magenta skateboards cyprus skate shop online
magenta skateboards cyprus skate shop online
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