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Free Black Griptape with every skateboard deck, only at Stay_K skate shop


In the All Skate Parts shop category you will find everything you need to set up your own custom skateboard. This is for the skaters who are looking to build their own setup, instead of buying a pre-built complete. For pro-grade skateboards, always look to find individual skate parts. This way you can choose exactly what you prefer, depending on what skateboarding styles you like. Sizes and shapes you have much more variety here than in the Complete section. This also goes for skateboard wheel kinds, skate bearings materials and more. Overall, to set up your own pro custom complete you need all the following: Deck, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Griptape and Bolts. Then you can add some accessories like the Deck Rails and Riser / Shock Pads if you prefer or get some Replacement Parts for spare, like extra axle and kingpin nuts. Note that we add a black griptape for free with every skateboard deck, so you have the choice to skip our Griptape shop in order to set up your complete. If you like griptapes with printed graphics or transparent / clear ones, then go ahead and check what we have available in our Griptape shop.