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skateboard tool skate shop online cyprus


This tool just makes adjusting, maintaining or changing parts of your skateboard so much easier. It has every tool you might need in a convenient package that fits in your pocket. This makes it an essential for all skateboarders to carry with. No need for a whole tool box in your backpack to do the job. Do you want your trucks to be more tight or loose? Has your hardware been unbolted after your last session? Just take out your skate tool from your pack or pocket and fix the problem in a moment. 


SKATE TOOLS at STAY_K online Skateboard Shop

All skateboard and longboard tools must include the following: 

-3/8" (10mm) hex-socket for hardware

-1/2" (13mm) hex-socket for axle nuts

-9/16" (14mm) hex-socket for kingpin nuts

-3mm Allen key with Phillips head on the opposite end

The most standard is the T-Tool that includes all the above, as a skate tool should, built in a durable plastic "frame" (used as a handle), while the allen / phillips key is removable for the obvious reasons. Here, at Stay_K skate shop we offer also the Rellik Skateboards Advanced T-Tool that, other than the above, has a built-in file for the griptape when setting up that fresh deck. This version of the T-Tool is mostly made of steel. In all skate tools, the material of the sockets and key is made of heavy-duty steel that is durable.

skateboard tool skate shop online cyprus
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