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 complete skateboard skate shop cyprus online


Looking to make your first push properly or are you on a budget and still want to skate a good setup? You are at the right place. The pre-built ready-to-ride complete skateboards may be your best choice. Stay_K is a skater-owned specialty shop, so every product that passes from here is tested and approved before it reach our customers and eventually the streets and skateparks. Even though, same as in every skate shop around the world, pre-built completes are not considered pro-grade (mainly because you can't choose each part individually to your likes), the feedback we get for our completes is always amazing. 

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Pre-built Ready-to-Ride COMPLETE SKATEBOARDS at STAY_K Skate Shop

Complete skateboards from some of the best European companies in the market. Choose among Emillion Skateboarts, Rellik Skateboards, Antiz, Lousy Livin, Film Trucks' Bonjour. Or from some of the most famous US brands, like Enjoi, Darkstar, Blind, Colours and more.

Tested and approved by the Stay_K skate shop team, all products in the Complete Skateboards category are the best for those who are looking to start skateboarding or they need something good but on a budget. Even though they aren't considered pro-grade, in fact, there are components on a pre-built complete that could be used for a pro setup, too. This means Yes!, you can upgrade your pre-built complete any time with one or more additions, depending on what part is of higher quality. All these components you find at proper skate shops are universal and they fit every skateboard. If you are a beginner and you'd still like to set up your own custom complete, there is the SKATEBOARD category on our menu with all the parts you will need. Many choices of Decks, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Griptape and Hardware, await you.

 complete skateboard skate shop cyprus online

Protective Gear: Helmet & Protective Pads

In terms of importance, especially for someone who is just getting into skateboarding, the next thing you want to look for is the Protective Gear. These are the Helmet and the Protective Pads. The protective pads set includes knee, elbow and wrist pads. For beginners, we definitely recommend using the whole set for a good few months before deciding for any reason to leave a part behind and it always

 complete skateboard skate shop cyprus online

depends on the skill progression of the skaters and the spots / ramps they are about to skate. For example, at any skill level, when skating big ramps we recommend using helmet and knee pads. Important, knee pads will help you smoothly slide down a ramp if you bail. For a useful guide on how to fall properly on a ramp, click here.

pre built ready to ride complete skateboard skate shop cyprus online
 pre built complete skateboard skate shop cyprus online
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