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As skateboarders, priority for us is comfort, flexibility and, of course, sacrificing resistance is not an option. Stay_K skate shop's mission to look and try out the perfect skate pants led to these incredible brands: Homeboy, Polar and Magenta. Their street wear include iconic baggy jeans, chinos, corduroy pants and pants with waistband for some more flexibility. Find below items like the Homeboy X-tra Baggy and Monster Baggy, the Polar Surf Pants, Magenta Loose Pants, as well as our signature sweatpants. Satisfaction is guaranteed when you skate in pants that are made special for ease of movement. Also, imagine their performance in your everyday life chores and adventures.

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SKATE PANTS at STAY_K online Skate Shop

Here, we name some iconic pants we offer from the best in the game: 

-The X-tra Baggy Pants, produced by Homeboy, the specialty in street wear. First introduced back in the late 80s, as the first pants made especially to skate in. It was inevitable to shake the industry and earn their place on the shelves of most skate shops, back in the day. Now the x-tra baggy are upgraded with tapered cut and slightly rolled up legs. More recently, Homeboy introduced the Monster Baggy

-The Surf Pants, produced by Polar Skate co. Lightweight, canvas pants, with waistband. All these features contribute to freedom of movement for the skater, or for casual wear.

Other than these, of course, you can find pants like chino, corduroy, jeans, pants with waistband for more flexibility, and more classic pieces. Priority is comfort, flexibility and resistance, ease of movement for your next skateboard trick or your everyday life.

polar skate pants clothing street wear shop online cyprus
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