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lousy livin skateboards cyprus skate shop online


The Big Lousy Idea focuses simply on a great quality, creative and affordable product supported by selected team riders. With commitment to their customers and retailers, the brand is a clear vision of all these elements, mentioned above, under one roof. You could say that it's the skateboarders' brand. And as skateboarders with our own brand, here at Stay_K skate shop, we can deeply relate with that idea. Find complete skateboards, decks and a collection of clothing accessories that follow this ethos in the Lousy Livin shop page. 

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There is something more than skating products with huge company logos on. Something more, creatively, that will communicate to your friends, crew and even girl / boy you hang out with. After all, skateboarding is a form of expression. It is the art first and then the business, as owner of Lousy Livin states. Ads with humor, kickers and grind boxes that are smiling back at the skater; it's like these guys created their own universe. They are so into it that they even invented a boxer shorts vending machine! Stay_K approves.

Lousy Livin's roots lie in early 90s and go hand in hand with another German brand, Cleptomanicx. The story is pretty much known; back then skateboarding was becoming more street, less ramp and pool. The kids were practicing all these new tricks that were coming out. They used to rock their own customized t-shirts and accessories. One of these local kids later became Lousy's founder. 

lousy livin skateboards cyprus skate shop online
lousy livin skateboards cyprus skate shop online
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