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shoe goo skateboard repair glue skate shop online cyprus


Shoes made for skateboarding can definitely endure heavy hitting and wear from the contact with the griptape, but at some point in your life you find your self thinking: what if my shoes could take a little more. Stay_K streetwear and skate shop has got a solution, so this product category will save you some money, for sure. Either to repair torn up shoes or prevent damage, the shoe repair glue we offer is a must-have accessory for every skateboarder. Otherwise, if you think it is safest and a better choice to change the shoes, browse through the Skate Shoes category.

shoe skateboard skate shop online cyprus
more about shoe repair
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REPAIR SKATE SHOES with this ACCESSORY from STAY_K online Skate Shop

At Stay_K skateshop we have two choices of shoe repair glue from the following companies. One is the all time classic, Shoe Goo, an icon in the skateboard market. The second is called Allstargum. A newer company founded by a French skateboarder who wanted to have a European made, more environment-friendly, alternative to the already established one we mentioned earlier.


WARNING: It's important, before using both of these products, to read and carefully follow the instructions written on the package and on the products' pages here on our website.  

shoe goo skateboard repair glue skate shop online cyprus

Skate Shoes & Protective Insoles for skateboarding and other extreme sports

shoe skateboard skate shop online cyprus
shoe insole protection skate shop online cyprus

Shoes made for skateboarding are especially designed to protect your feet from hits, your ankles, knees and even your back from impact. They usually achieve this with state of the art materials built in the shoe for cushioning. If these materials are really worn out, we recommend you to consider buying new shoes, instead of trying to fix the old ones. You can always save the shoe repair glue to prevent damage on

shoe skateboard skate shop online cyprus
skateshoe and insole

your fresh skate shoes. Some signs that your old shoes are at the point of no return are: very slippery sole, the bottom of the sole has a hole, ripped eyelets for the shoelaces, shoe becomes easily loose and wambly etc. We point these facts out because they may increase the risk of injury. Also, sometimes you may find the insole needs changing, even in newer shoes. Footprint Insoles are here to fight this issue with their patented technology for impact absorption. 

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