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destructo skateboard trucks shop cyprus


A big name in skateboarding, as Destructo Trucks has been around since 1996, manufacturing some of the best skateboard trucks in the market. The goal of producing the very best for every skateboarder was set out early on, with pro skateboard legend Arto Saari on board from day one. Find, at Stay_K skate shop, both low and mid skateboard trucks by Destructo, as well as the D1 and D2 ultra-light (base plate design for lighter truck). All have hollow kingpins.

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Destructo Trucks are made of strong weapon's grade aluminum, recognized for its high strength and toughness, also used in firearm mechanisms, parts and so on. In few words, they can take some beating. All Destructo kingpins are hollow to make the skateboard setup lighter, come with a size / height inscription below the hanger and their mid trucks have the lowest kingpin in the business, making those smith grinds easier than usual. Following are the truck series by the company that you can find on Stay_K online skate shop:

- D1 low or mid

- D2 ultra light mid (hollow kingpin and designed-to-be-lighter baseplate)

destructo skateboard trucks shop cyprus
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