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A hoodie can protect you from cold and even rain, with its nice main feature, the hood. Another cool one is the comfortable and spacious front pocket, which can always come in handy. Additionally, over time, hoodies have become a trademark for street cultures, like skateboarding, graffiti and other street arts, hip hop, urban extreme sports. For your collection of street wear, we can say, it's become a must. Either with a simple printed or embroidered logo of your favorite brand (like the original Stay_K Logo Hoodies of your local skate shop) up to more complex designs and colors, hoodies are a big part of your street wear wardrobe. 

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HOODIES at the STAY_K Street Wear & online Skate Shop

Choose among a wide selection of colors from our original pieces at Stay_K street wear and online skate shop. We have colors for many tastes (check also our sweatshirts for more), including the clothing itself, the printed graphics, or threads in the embroidery. Details, like the woven logo label on the pocket, that comes in almost all of these pieces, make it even cooler.

A collection of hoodies we are proud to present is the Sour Sisters x Stay_K. For our customers who are into tie dye or love to wear colorful garment, in general, this might be the perfect fit. It also features the signature embroidered logo on the chest and a woven label on the pocket with a unique logo created only for this collaboration.

hoodie clothing street wear shop online cyprus
soursis x stay k hood

Stay_K x Sour Sisters Project Hoodie

sour sisters clothing street wear shop online cyprus
sour sisters clothing street wear shop online cyprus

Our most colorful collaboration yet. With @sour.sisters.project, based in Limassol, Cyprus. These women live and breathe the DIY culture and spirit. This shows in their arts and crafts, as well as with every project and event they are involved in. They specialize in classic tie dye technics and work with all kinds of streetwear and clothing accessories, while their horizon expands even farther. We recommend you check our friends' IG account for more. 

sour sisters clothing street wear shop online cyprus

With Stay_K, there are two pieces we created together so far, both in the Hoodies category. But, we advise you to stay tuned for more to come! Quality-wise, you get the same superior quality like every other hooded sweatshirt we offer. With their soft fleece inner and double lined hood, they protect you from cold, while offering comfort and style for your next skate or exploration ventures. Last but not least, the 50-50 cotton and polyester material offers both strength / resistance and breathability. Make yourself or a friend the gift of a Stay_K Hoodie : )  

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