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Some of the factors that separate longboards from skateboards: Different truck design, much larger and soft wheels, aerodynamic shapes without tail / nose, minimum concave, athlete rides closer to the ground. These design differences play a major role on how you use them. Longboard's common use is for downhill and transport. So, they are designed for stability in high speeds and less friction. A Cruiser skateboard is more similar and some of its uses are the same. Other than the powerslides and curves down hills and a few traditional skateboard tricks you can perform on certain longboard setups, there is also the dancing discipline which has become fashionable. 

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Shop your LONGBOARD from STAY_K online Skate Shop

Find longboards that come straight from the birthplace of the culture, produced by Dusters California, and some from one of our most famous companies for all things skateboarding, Rellik Skateboards. At Stay_K skate shop you can also find longboard trucks and wheels for replacement. Wheels' size for longboard usually starts from 65mm. Less than that, when they are soft, are usually for Cruiser Skateboards. Hard wheels don't work for longboards, so you can be sure that around that size and larger, every wheel set is of low durometer (soft urethane).


If you are looking something solely for transport, a Cruiser may be more convenient for you, since its smaller size makes it easy to carry by hand when you need to step down. In addition, with a Cruiser Skateboard you can perform more traditional skate tricks than with a longboard (see introduction above). It always depends on what you like and what you plan to use your setup for. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Roll free!

 skateboard complete  longboard skate shop cyprus online
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