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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions about orders, products and beginners. From technical stuff about how to use our website to even locations for public skate parks. Consider our FAQ list as a source to find the answer you are looking for. If the question persists or you just want to add a comment, feel free to use the link to Stay_K skate shop's Contact Page below.

FAQ about orders

• How long will it take for my order to arrive? Domestic orders usually deliver within 48 hours. International orders usually deliver within 7 to 15 days. More about Delivery here. 

• How do I pay for an order? There are three ways of payment. You can pay via credit card, Paypal or cash on delivery. More about Payments here.

• What is available? Normally, all products that are visible on our online shop are in stock. All product varieties and sizes that are available for you to choose from are in stock. If an item that you ordered is not visible after you submitted your order, then this means that you reserved the last one available. Feel free to contact us to ask if there's going to be a restock for an item you are interested in.

• How can I cancel an order? Contact us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel an order. If it's dispatched before we are contacted, it will be treated as a return. More about Returns & Cancellations here.

• Can I return an item? You can return an item within 14 days of the purchase, but it has to be in the condition as purchased, as well as in original packaging. More about Returns & Cancellations here.

• Can I make a request for my order? Yes, you can use the "Add a note" button in your cart. 

• Can you apply the griptape for me? Yes, just request it by using the "Add a note" button in your cart. 

• Can you set up the custom complete skateboard I'm ordering from you? If you have chosen one item from each of the SKATEBOARD sub-menu product categories (Decks, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Hardware), just make your request by using the "Add a note" button in your cart and our team of experts will make sure that you receive your skateboard ready to ride. 

FAQ for beginners

• I'm a beginner / I'm shopping for a beginner, what skateboard should I buy and what size? For the most popular categories for beginners click here. For beginners, the next thing you'd want to look for, after a skateboard, is protective gear.

• What size protective gear should I buy? For helmets, click on the product and you will find a size guide on the description. For knee / elbow / wrist pads, click on the product and you will find a size guide in the pictures. As we said before, the next thing you'd want to look for, after a skateboard, especially for a beginner skater is protective gear.

• Do you sell skateboards for kidsYes, you can purchase a skateboard from Stay_K skate shop for any age and body type. For the Kids Section click here.

FAQ about products

• Do skateboards come with a warranty? They don't usually come with a warranty, because, it is inevitable, they may take hits from the first day of use. However, all products in the Stay_K skate shop are subject to quality control, before reaching the market. If you think that a part of your skateboard is faulty, please, reach us via our Contact page and be sure that we'll look into your issue.

• How long will a skateboard last me? It is known that skateboards are supposed to take a beating. So, the materials you find in all parts of a skateboard are really durable. Sometimes, the how-long depends on the way you land a trick or even on luck. Usually, the first part that will wear out is the deck, because it's exposed to hits thus damage the most. The rest of the parts of your setup can last even years. For ways to protect your setup click here. In addition, Cruiser skateboards and longboards can last much more than a "normal" skateboard because their use is different and they don't take as much impact. 

• Can you print my design on a skateboard deck? We don't currently offer this kind of service for customers. If you are a shop owner send us your inquiry by filling the contact form.

• Can I upgrade a pre-built complete? All parts that make a skateboard setup are universal. This means that whether you purchased a pre-built complete (from us or another skate shop) or built your own custom complete, you can always replace one or more components of your setup. Is your skateboard worn out or do you want to try something new / different? That's not a problem at the Stay_K skate shop!

• Which one is the best skateboard deck you have? The question of which skateboard is best for you, really, is a matter of taste. Most decks are build with the same international standards for decades now. There are different sizes and shapes, but the best way to find with what you feel most comfortable and perform better is to try different things and pay attention to the details of each product and brand. For more information about skateboard decks click here.

Other FAQ

• How can I stay up to date with new arrivals, product news and Stay_K Skateboarding projects? We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter via the form in our website's footer or homepage. Don't worry, Stay_K won't spam your email inbox and will inform you only about the most important stuff!

• Do you give away stickers? Yes, you can always find stickers and/or a poster for free in a package from Stay_K. 

• I would like to support local. What local brands do you offer? Browse through a wide variety of original hard goods and soft goods in the Stay_K brand shop category in our menu, under BRANDS

• I would like to support skater-owned. What skater-owned and operated brands do you offer? We can proudly say that 90% of the brands we offer are skater-owned. You can find information and background on all of the companies we collaborate with in each of their brand shop pages, under BRANDS, in alphabetical order. Also, find all of our brands, as well as the best selling companies, here.

• Do you offer skateboard lessons? Stay_K Skateboarding does not currently offer this kind of service, but If you are interested, please, contact us at and we can connect you with experienced skateboarders / instructors in Cyprus that give skate lessons.

• Are you sponsoring? Stay_K, as a core skate shop, is always interested especially in the local skate community. We stand up for the motto that a community, first and foremost, is about the people in it. Please, feel free to send us your footage and sponsor-me-tape or just say hello. We encourage you to check videos from our team and events here to see the level of the Cyprus skateboard scene.

• Are there any skateparks in Cyprus? Currently, there are seven outdoor skateparks in Cyprus, that are always open for the public and the entrance is free. Nicosia's Agios Andreas Skatepark ('s Lakatamia Skatepark (, Limassol Molos Skatepark (, Limassol's Germasogeia City Skatepark (, Larnaca Skatepark (, Derynia Skatepark (, Paphos Skatepark ( In the North, there are two skateparks. One public outdoor ( and one private indoor (

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