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emillion  skateboards skate shop cyprus


For EMillion, skateboarding is art. That's why part of their brand's name is SkateboArts. The company launched in 2007 and since then they have been growing to become a well-famous European brand. Their goal is to keep skateboarders fresh with the best Canadian maple wood, quality wheels, griptape and useful skate accessories. They like to collaborate with various artists and have a team of skateboarders who influence the brand creatively. We finish this intro with EMillion's motto. 


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EMILLION SKATEBOARTS at STAY_K Skateboarding's online Skate Shop

In their skateboard technology, EMillion aims to be as innovative as possible. A good example is the brand's Fibertech decks built with the standard 7-ply plus one thin layer of fiber. They are strong and you will find them almost unbreakable for months, with a pop that lasts. Stay_K skate shop recommends these boards for every skater who likes a lot to skate stairs, gaps and other high impact spots, or breaks boards more easily than others, for different reasons. They may be slightly heavier, but if you have a good reason to shop Fibertech, their technology gives you a margin for error when landing on your board.


Additionally, here you will find a lot of graphics, in an effort to raise awareness, that promote peace, equality, creativity and expose social issues of modern society. EMillion's sister company rellik Skateboards offers products of the same quality without prints - like blank wheels - spare parts, riser pads, bushings, trucks and skate tools. Go Skate Love Life as our friends at EMillion say. 

emillion  skateboards skate shop cyprus
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