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The Stay_K team

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Tony "Tzo" Josephides

From Cyprus / Bulgaria
Skateboarding since 04/02/2008

Favorite trick: Ollie

Interests: photography, filmmaking, tripping


Tasos Panayi

From Dimension C-137

Skateboarding since 2011

Favorite trick: 360 Flip, Benihana

Interests: arts, collecting minerals, exploring nature, caves and mines


Charis Ioannou

From Limassol, Cyprus / Germany

Skateboarding since 2012

Favorite tricks: Fakie 360 Flip, Switch Heelflip

Interests: workout, yoga, walking my dog

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Christos Yiannaki

From Nicosia, Cyprus

Skateboarding since 2005

Favorite trick: Kickflip

Interests: filmmaking, photography, guitar, poetry and the mysterious entity that is women


Collaborator Artists

• Timmy Michaelides: Filmmaker / Animator

• Christos "Mandilas" Mikellides: Graphic Designer

• George Voudias: Photographer

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