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Have your bearings suffered enough damage or collected enough dirt that it's time for a new set? Or, do you plan to try different material or brand to see what best suits you? At Stay_K online skate shop you can choose skate bearings among brands like Emillion and Rellik Skateboards, the specialty company Pusher Bearings, last but not least, the world's leading bearing manufacturer, SKF. Our latest arrival worth mentioning, the Haze 6-ball bearings. You may be surprised by how much difference new bearings will make to your riding experience.

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SKATE BEARINGS at STAY_K Skateboarding's Skate Shop online

Bearing size, for both skateboard and roller skate wheels, was standardized in the industry so that all wheel and bearing brands are compatible. What this means? You can be sure, whatever you buy from this shop category will fit your setup and make your wheels turn.


Bearings made for skateboarding take into consideration what skateboarders put their bearings through. For example, high impact from jumping stairs, lateral stress from powersliding or landing sideways on obstacles, actual speeds that skaters are capable of reaching, are some of the factors that pushed people in the skate industry to redesign bearings so that they could cover the skater's needs. Needless to say that, because of the above, it's not a good idea to find the cheapest bearings from a local hardware store and expect them to work for you.

skateboard bearings skate shop online cyprus
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