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 skate protection gear helmet pads shop cyprus online


Protect yourself with the gear Stay_K skate shop has available for skateboarding and other extreme sports. The helmet and the protective pads are a must-have, especially for beginner skateboarders, all rollerskaters, longboarders and ramp skaters. Then you have our impact absorbing insoles by Footprint, which are very popular among skaters, but also bmx riders, snowboarders and more, with their state of the art technology. Footprint also manufactures protective sleeves, ideal especially for roller skaters, and protective socks with a type of memory foam embedded in sensitive areas of your feet, for skateboarders. Get your protective gear from companies like Powerslide and Athlopaidia which are long enough in the game to know how to keep extreme sports enthusiasts safe. 

 skate protective gear helmet shop cyprus online
 skate protection gear pads shop cyprus online
 skate protection gear helmet pads shop cyprus online


Find size guides in each product's description or images. To make sure that you have a comfortable experience at the same time you are protected, we try to have in-detail size guides for all gear we offer to keep you as safe as possible. Make sure you get the right size, because you don't want the helmet or protective pads being too loose or tight. Stay_K skate shop is always there for you, so if you have any questions or you need to return an item from this category, feel free to contact us via the live chat in the right bottom corner or the contact form in the footer of our website.


We know that protective gear sometimes may be considered as extra weight, but this isn't the case. As they say, you can never be too cautious. Enjoy the riding experience and stay safe!

 skate protection gear helmet pads shop cyprus online
protection info and size guide
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