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haze skateboard wheels skate shop cyprus


Haze, with designer and graffiti artist Koolfunc 88 on board, draws inspiration from 80s graphics, similar to early Santa Cruz, Powell, Blind, World Industries, since the company's owner, Bertrand Soubrier, started skating around that time. By the way, he still kills on his skateboard, as well as with his business, running Haze Wheels, plus two other European brands,  selling to over 25 countries. One of these is Cyprus and Stay_K skate shop. Happy to have them, to offer our customers their rich variety of skateboard wheel shapes and styles. 

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The company started purely out of love for skateboarding by long-time European pro Bertrand Soubrier. There was a lack of local wheel brands in France, back in 2010, with Lordz and two other companies closing down. So, Haze came out to fill the void and also offer opportunities to talented locals with collaborations and sponsorships. Aboard on his team, right now, are street skating legends like Bastien Salabanzi and Michael Mackrodt, as well as younger rippers with already established names like Oscar Candon, JP Villa and Victor Campillo. The company, also, pay their tributes to the hard working men behind the lens, releasing pro filmer models on every collection, proving once more that they are all about the culture, supporting local crews and unsung heroes of the skate communities. Cheers to that!

haze skateboard wheels skate shop cyprus
haze shapes

Haze Skateboard Wheel Shapes and Urethane Formulas

Haze Skateboard Wheel Formulas

Hardcore Urethane: Standard hard urethane with 101A hardness.

Inferno Formula: Standard hard urethane with 101A hardness, having more longevity.

Beyond Formula: Lighter skateboard wheels, with flat spot resistance making them more durable.

Soft Urethane: Soft wheels, the best choice for cruiser and filmer skateboard setup, with hardness range of  78A up to 85A.

Wheel Shapes that Haze offers

In the street skating wheels category you can find Round Shape - in normal, wide and slim - Conical Shape, Sidecut Shape.

In the cruiser / filmer wheels category on Stay_K skateshop you can find Round Shape, Cruiser Shape, Old School Shape.

haze skateboard wheels round classic shape skate shop cyprus

Round Shape: Also known as "Normal Shape", cause before the skate industry has had all this variety and when street skateboarding was the most popular, it used to be the standard. This shape is best for technical skateboarding, as it 's narrower to the riding surface than its core, offering less grip, so it's easier to flip your board. As a bonus, Haze offers this shape on soft cruiser wheels, too. This can be useful for skate spots with very rough ground. But, keep in mind that with the cruiser ones it will be harder to flip your board, because of the grip soft wheels give.

haze skateboard wheels conical skate shop cyprus

Conical Shape: This one, unlike Round Shape, is wider on the riding surface or contact patch than on the core of the wheel. This way it offers more stability and grip. You need these if you skate mostly ramps or if you often skate spots with rough ground. Also, the Conical Shape helps you lock into grinds easier because of the grip and grind faster because of the smaller surface that is touching on the side of the ledge / rail.

haze skateboard wheels conical skate shop cyprus

Sidecut Shape: A signature fully conical shape from Haze Wheels and a best seller for the company. They come in 99A, 101A or 103A hardness, which makes them exclusively wheels for street skateboarding. Same like the Conical Shape above, this shape is wider on the riding surface than on the core of the wheel, so it offers more stability and grip. For skating ramps or for skate spots with rough ground, these wheels are an excellent choice, because they usually come with wide riding surface. Also, as said above, Conical Shape helps you lock into grinds easier and grind faster.

haze cruiser wheels skate shop cyprus

Cruiser Shape: This shape, as its name indicates, is used on soft wheels of 78A, 83A or 85A hardness, of large 60mm diameter / size. These make it a wheels' shape to fit your cruiser or filmer setup. Because of the hardness and diameter, you get the stability and grip expected from a cruiser. We don't recommend this shape for your main setup if your style of skateboarding is street or you are planning to learn your next flip trick, because with all that grip it will be hard to spin or flip your board. You can use these wheels to get creative on some spots or for street skating on spots with very rough ground, but consider also the soft Round Shape wheels our shop offers, as they might perform better in this situation, because they come in smaller diameters too.

haze cruiser skateboard wheels skate shop cyprus

Old School Cruiser Shape: It comes with really wide riding surface of 40mm and all the stability and grip you can get from a cruiser skateboard wheel. The shape is conical for some extra stability, too. It's used on soft 78A wheels, like Cruiser Shape above. The words "old school" on the name refers to the 70s era, when standard skateboard wheels used to be like that, always very wide and usually with a similar conical shape. Nowadays however, Stay_K, like every expert in skateboarding, only recommends this kind of shape for cruiser and filmer setups. We don't recommend this shape for street skating at all. You can always have an extra setup for cruising and smooth relaxing rides on your skateboard : ) 

Choosing the skateboard wheels for your setup always depends on what style of skateboarding you like and on what surfaces you usually ride. The importance of having different type of wheels to choose from is real and it's often underrated. Have in mind that on Stay_K skate shop you can filter by your favorite size, shape and hardness so that choosing your next skateboard wheels is made easier. Also, on each product page there is all the information you might need. Happy online shopping!

haze skateboard wheels skate shop cyprus