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clothing street wear shop online cyprus


Skate shoes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, fleece, pants, shorts and many more. Mostly unisex and adults, but some clothing for women and kids, too. From accessories you can find caps, beanies, socks, backpacks and waist bags, belts, jewellery. At Stay_K shop, we specialize in streetwear and skateboards. The need for quality and comfort is real, we know thru our long experience in skating. All we stock and produce is tested out in the streets to see if they can withstand the hits and time in the dirt and be comfortable for every movement. After that, we are confident to offer our products to customers who are skaters too or people who look for quality above all. Take our street lifestyle as a guarantee. 

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clothing street wear hoodies shop online cyprus
clothing street wear skate shoes shop online cyprus
caps hats clothing street wear shop online cyprus

CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES at STAY_K Street Wear and online Skate Shop

From the manufacturers, to the distributors, to the print and embroidery shops, to the label shops. Even the way we promote each of these items plays its role, since there is a whole concept behind our brands, collaborations, graphics and, overall, lifestyle. Whether it's about clothing or accessories that we made, produced or customized, or that the brands we work with have made, you can be sure that they passed quality control. Along with quality, it's the respect for the culture, skateboarding and the people who love to rock this clothing and accessories. That's what is all about.


As skateboarders, we know the need for comfort and durability. You need something able to take the hits and all that time outdoors, in the dirt. Something that won't limit your movements at all. We pretty much know we achieve this by how much time and resources we spend during pre-production, research, testing. It's as important as the design and production itself.

clothing street wear shop online cyprus

All Stay_K original street wear carry our own woven back labels

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