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Polar is the brainchild of Pontus Alv, a pioneer of the European skateboarding exodus to the USA in the late 90s, and of the DIY movement, with good example: the transformation of his hometown, Malmo, Sweden. Alv's vision of the brand can be seen in both Polar's graphics - which range from light-hearted humorous cartoon-styles to space and sci-fi - and skateboard deck shape varieties. The latter shows many things about the company being serious in what they do, which is partly the reason of its rise to become a leading name in the smaller company resurgence the skate market has seen over the last few years. At Stay_K skate shop, to cover your needs, we make sure you can find a lot of Polar Skateboards' shapes.

mor about polar
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Award-winning company, although not investing in the competitive aspects of skateboarding, with Bright European Skateboard Awards Brand of the Year for years in a row and with its videography for Alv's "Polar Skate Co. Promo" and "No Complies & Wallrides + Shuv Its". They also have a solid reputation when it comes to collaborations for their work with Carhartt WIP, Nike SB, Palace, the latter earning Polar's team member Hjalte Halberg  and owner Pontus Alv a cover on Sidewalk Magazine, after a tour in UK. Other than the mentioned video promos and Polar's full length films - "In Search of the Miraculous", "I like it here inside my mind. Don't wake me this time.", "We blew it at some point" - which all have become cult classics, the brand released some clips with Converse Cons where its riders are presented taking portable obstacles around Paris, New York and LA. The concept is to inspire skaters around the world to build a jump ramp and start exploring, honoring the late 80s era when street skating really broke through, ripped out of California to spread around the world, creating the foundation for what skateboarding is today.

polar skateboards cyprus skate shop online
polar shapes

Polar Skateboard Deck Shape Varieties

Special Shaped Decks or Old School Polar Skateboard Shapes

Call them special shaped decks, old school or pool / bowl shapes, it's a fact that these skateboard deck shapes are different from the classic popsicle we're all used to (standard or "normal" since the early 90s). Below you can find details for all the famous Polar shapes. So, if you want to get creative or just "geek out", we have all the measurements listed for you (length, width, nose, wheel base, tail). Regarding their names, many come from an era in skateboarding when similar shapes were commonly used. Others come from the name of the Polar pro that originally came up with the idea, this way respectfully the company makes sure the shape carries his signature.

Classic Popsicle Deck Shapes by Polar Skate co.

As a modern company and a team of pro skateboarders who skate different styles, Polar Skate co., other than all this variety of special shaped decks, of course offers the classic Popsicle shape in many different sizes. These vary from 7.875" size up to 8.75". As you can see, there are all the usual sizes like 8.0, 8.25, 8.5 etc. but also something like the 8.75 size cover some needs that other brands in the market may not cover. Overall, the standard popsicle Polar are always medium to high concave.

Wheel Wells on Polar skateboard decks to prevent wheel bites

The term wheel bite, in skateboarding, means when a wheel touches the deck, in result it abruptly stops and the skateboard becomes stuck. This happens when you apply too much pressure on the skateboard truck to take a fast turn or to find balance after landing a trick or big gap. In simple words, wheel wells will save you from trouble, from something that happens even to the best of us. The company files these decks just below the wheels, so that the distance between the wheel and the deck lengthens. In result, a wheel bite's more difficult to happen to you. Still we emphasize, not impossible to happen, so pay attention on those fast turns either way.

polar skateboards shape cyprus skate shop online

1991 Polar Skateboard Deck Shape: 

9.25" (Widest Point) x 32.25
Nose: 7"
Wheel Base: 14.5"
Tail 6.5"

Comes in 1991 junior shape too, with similar features but in 8.65" width size. 

polar skateboards shape cyprus skate shop online

DANE1 Polar Skateboard Deck Shape:

9.75" (Widest Point) x 31.375"
Nose: 6.25"
Wheel Base: 14.125"
Tail: 6.625"

Comes in Dane1 junior shape too, with similar features but in 8.65" width size. Designed and cut for Polar's pro skateboarder Dane Brady, for those creative skate sessions or the transition / ramp sessions.

polar skateboards shape cyprus skate shop online

Surf Shape by Polar Skate co: 

9.0" (Widest Point) x 31.5"
Nose: 6.4"
Wheel Base: 14.5"
Tail: 6.6"

Comes in Surf junior shape too, with similar features but in 8.75" width size. 

polar skateboards shape cyprus skate shop online

P9 Polar Skateboard Deck Shape:

8.625 (Widest Point) x 32.25"
Nose: 7.125"
Wheel Base: 14.5"
Tail: 6.5"

polar skateboards shape cyprus skate shop online

1992 Polar Skateboard Deck Shape:

9.25 (Widest Point) x 32"
Nose: 6.875"
Wheel Base: 14.25"
Tail: 6.625"

polar skateboards shape cyprus skate shop online

P2 Polar Skateboard Deck Shape:

8.5 (Widest Point) x 32.125"
Nose: 7.0"
Wheel Base: 14.5"
Tail: 6.5"

This shape is very similar to a 8.5" popsicle.

polar skateboards cyprus skate shop online
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