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The T-shirts shop page is the first you'll look into, especially at a sunny place like Cyprus. It's the top you'll wear most time of the year. There are other qualities, though, a simple tee can possess. Because it's the easiest piece someone can print on, design or modify, it's been used as a mean of artistic expression, propaganda or promotion by people since the start of last century. So, you can say that sometimes a tee's more than just clothing. It represents a statement to the homies you skate with or to the world. Wear it for your skateboarding community, support your local shop and the next big project of your favorite brand, or just because you dig the logo / graphic so much that you'd love the company to keep producing them. At Stay_K, you can.


T-SHIRTS at STAY_K online Streetwear & Skate Shop

If a t-shirt represents a statement, as we said above, other than just its use as garment, then at Stay_K skate shop we make sure every time you see our logo on a piece of clothing / accessory and our signature woven labels, you trust it means quality. First and foremost, that's our statement. Equally important, is a whole lifestyle of street culture and skateboarding. The latter explains well why durability and comfort are top priority here. Skaters, especially, need streetwear that's able to take the hits and all that time outdoors. Also, we know, summer in a country like Cyprus is harsh. You need breathable material to keep you cool and dry. We pay attention to these details. Fashion trends come and go, but the quest for quality is always there.


A good example, for us, of a t-shirt that carries a strong message is our SHREADY! tee, that was designed and produced to celebrate our latest full length skate video. You can see how the graphic came about and why we wear this t-shirt to honor this special for us film. Watch below!

t shirt clothing street wear shop online cyprus
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Our SHREADY! film's intro was the inspiration for the t-shirt

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