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 skate protective gear pads skateboard shop cyprus online


Protective pads include knee pads, elbow pads and wrist pads. You can buy them individually or, most commonly, in sets. At Stay_K skate shop we offer both pro-grade and protective pads for intermediate. Along a complete skateboard, of course, and a helmet, this is the most popular and useful shop category for beginners. Additionally, if you skate big ramps, we recommend protective gear even if you aren't a beginner. In fact, look up the term "knee slide" below, as a first example. Using it will help you fall safely on your knee pads when skating ramps. For size guides, continue reading below.

 skate protective gear helmet skateboard shop cyprus online

Protect yourself with PROTECTIVE PADS from STAY_K online Skate Shop

For beginners, protective pads, along with helmet, are a must-have. Also, you'll see even professionals wearing protective gear when skating a certain style, like vert aka big half pipe ramps. So, sometimes it isn't even a matter of skill level. When skating ramps, especially head-high pipe ramps, we recommend using helmet and knee pads. Important, knee pads will help you smoothly slide down a ramp if you bail. For a useful guide on how to fall properly on a ramp, click here.


Size guide is available on the last picture in each product's page of the Protective Pads shop category. All you have to do is measure the points indicated on the size guide (picture) for your knee, elbow and hand. Make sure to get the right size, because especially your protective pads or helmet shouldn't be too loose or tight. Stay_K skate shop is always here for you, so if you have a question or need to return protective gear you purchased from us, feel free to contact us. Keep skating and be safe!

 skate protective gear pads skateboard shop cyprus online
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