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An ode to Aris (2009-2022)

"This one I dedicate to Aris, who had been a companion in exploring the neighborhood streets with a different set of eyes. Together, we wouldn't only settle cruising the quiet back streets, but we'd often go out on main roads. More cars passing by, stronger feelings, higher speeds, adrenaline. In fact, he made me feel like a horse carriage rider in ancient times. So romantic and, at the same time, an unconventional way of transportation. I'm glad we'd found each other and shared, as long as it lasted, the love and the never-settling passion for speeding with a skateboard.

A mix of OG plaza only clips, for the intro. His favorite place on earth, to where he'd always try to pull me when we were walking. It was the place where I'd take off the leash and let him free to explore or chill with the homies. In the end, I took off his strap too, so that he may roam free in a kind of paradise where there's probably a ton of skateboards, tennis balls, countless hands rubbing his back, and the sound of skate wheels on asphalt. Among many other things, I dearly hold this image: How he sprints as soon as he hears the skateboard touch the ground, like a true skater. Like a true Stay_K.

Rip in peace my friend."

Christos Y.

Here's a phone clips (mostly) mix, with the oldest tricks dating back in 2016. With Aris' scenes from 2012 and 2014, while the photoshoot took place in 2017.

Photography by Tony Tzo Guest Appearances by Tony Tzo, Alex Roso, Tasos Panayi and Charalambos Nadiotis. Many thanks to everyone who filmed me and Aris over the years.

That is life folks.

#Stay_K#Skateboarding skater-owned Core To The Bone.

Find a post about the photoshoot here:


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