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Climate Change smells like rain in Cyprus

I sit in my office hearing these aggresive raindrops falling outside my doorstep. I've just returned from the local skatepark where I managed to skate for 20 minutes. Two days ago, when I was off from work again I wasn't so lucky or cautious and the rain started just as I was packing my bag to go out. Worth to mention that couple of hours before the sun was shining. Foolish of me.

Homie knows for ourselves Cyprus locals that lately (for the last 4 months basically) skate days happen like rainy days used to happen as far as a year ago around this season. Now the feeling of regret personally hits me for the times the weather was good and I wasn't feeling it, or I had deeds to attend and I thought I couldn't skate. There is everything, like we say here as ''έτα ούλα τζιαμέ''.

The news said it: All these dams overflowed. We haven't seen such rain levels in Cyprus since the 60s. Above the average 592% rain in the area. Potato farmers demand compensation. Limassol becomes like Venice et cetera. Of course it doesn't help that elsewhere they are getting worse.

Now doesn't this make you think about climate change and environmental pollution, not having a choice? Things of - recycling, not using plastic, renewable energy sources, level of CO2 in the atmosphere, screw the self destructive human race, ice in the North Pole melts - which I couldn't know exactly how they affect my life. Don't get me wrong, I agree that it's important to know but at the moment I care about being indoors when I was hyped to go skate. In October we were reassured with something like ''good cause our country needs other than dryness''. Well damn even beginning of January we reassured. Nowadays it becomes like ''shit is fucked up and weird, so fucking stop''.

I note what I think to myself. Nature you shall take me on your cleanser down fall eventually, but let me enjoy skateboarding first. For you people I leave here a bunch of warmup clips at the best covered-from-rain skate spot in Nicosia (bumps for only being a Sunday's spot), since we have been usuals, since homies from different cities visited and we all ended up there, while waiting for brighter days.

Credits: @cysk8clips @niparistas @panayiotis_evangelou @tasospanayi @johnyboy.kay


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