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Go Skate Day 2021 (Gallery)

goskateday cyprus skateboard event

Little more than a week after the 20th of June, we think the whole event we organized to celebrate Intl' Go Skateboarding Day in Cyprus has already sunk in. Now, if you have time for a few words that show how appreciative we are of how the event had turned out, continue here. If you choose to skip the intro straight to the gallery to relive this year's #goskateboardingday in Nicosia, through George V's lens, we totally understand, since there is hella good footage below. Those who don't already know, will soon find out that we also show our appreciation through the work we put in our projects. In collab with our good friends at Boardhouse once again, we managed to have another succesful production. With the hype brought by the people, skaters and enthusiasts, contestants and spectators, we managed to have another succesful event.

The hard part of the story (yes, there is a hard part) is that our previous event was exactly one year ago, due to the known-to-all circumstances. One year without official skate events, but we can't say that it was not a good year for skateboarding in Cyprus. A lot of new people have started to roll and during all those days our skateboards kept us company and we were out there. Nothing kept us back from having fun with our boards, even during the pandemic. And one thing brings the other. The whole happening we are about to describe, was a big fun gathering because, as it seems, skateboarding is not just a game or a mean to pass time. We, at Stay_K, have known that all along. It makes us happy to see that more and more people are finding it out. Let the next person who discovers, in one way or another, the radness and what skateboarding has to offer (which is not such a big secret) be someone who can actually pull a couple of strings, so that this year will be even more productive and the next Go Skate Day we'll start from or end up at a new skatepark or skate-friendly plaza. Like the ones we've been hearing they want to build in Limassol and every other city. Or at Eleftherias Square, for example. Cause, unfortunately, there are always people pulling strings the opposite way. Anyway, we won't get deep into that. What matters the most is that the event had a really good outcome. People responded and took part, insane tricks went down.

One more sign of growth is that, in our competitions, young blood and girls took part, too. As a core skateboard shop, it means a lot to us. We tried to have a variety of competitions and spots, as well as prizes to go with them, for everyone. The spots included: stairs - single set and double set - gap to bank, long hubba, manual box, manual to stairs, and a bank at the skatepark. We wouldn't have been able to organize all these competitions without the support of our sponsors. Shout out to Vans, Ice Power, Sigg and Cysk8clips. Enjoy the following photos and keep an eye for more to come, meaning both the official event video and future projects. Thank you for checking the post out and huge thanks to everyone that came down to share this experience with us, supported our effort, and joined the fun.

goskateday cyprus skateboarding event

1st Spot - Kykkos Lyceum

This school was just the spot to meet, cause of its variety of obstacles and its quantity of space. To be honest, we didn't have a particular competition plan for this first spot. But, seeing all those skaters jump the 5 stairs as soon as they arrived, as soon as the big day started, gave us the idea that it's best if the people choose where to compete. So it happened.

goskateday cyprus skateboarding event

Some memorable tricks that went down: Christian's Double Heel, Nadiotis' Lazer and Finger Flip, Mandilas' Tailwhip. Charis Ioannou and Lefteris Demetriou, as stair guys, of course nailed a few. Charis, Nollie Varial Heel, Switch Fs Flip, Fs Bigspin. Lefteris aka Rappas, 360 Flip, Fakie Bigflip, Hospital Flip. Honorable mention: Andreas Savva's Kickflip, who's the young cousin of a tech skateboard master keeping it real in the UK right now, and Liza's Ollie. Both tricks handled real smooth.

go skate cyprus skateboard event charis ioannou

Switch Fs Flip

go skate cyprus skateboard event  christos mandilas mikellides


go skate cyprus skateboard event tricks

360 Boneless

go skate day cyprus skateboard event


go skate cyprus skateboard event tricks

Pop Shove It Tailgrab

go skate cyprus skateboard event  nikolas nipa ioannou

One Foot

go skate cyprus skateboard event tricks

go skate cyprus skateboard event tricks

Fs Flip & Kickflip

go skate day cyprus skateboard event

cyprus skateboard event tricks girl skater