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Our newest bearing brand, SKF!

Reducing friction and cost. Saving energy and time. SKF Knowledge has helped develop industries and improve everyday life since 1907.

SKF bearings aren't new at all in the industry world. In fact, It's the world's largest bearing manufacturer, one of the largest companies in Sweden and among the largest public companies in the world. SKF was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1907. They not only supply bearings, but also all the components like seals, lubricants and lubrication systems, maintenance products and more related services globally.

oskar rozenberg skf skate bearings shop

Oski skating the large bearing sculpture in front of SKF’s headquarters.

kader sylla skf skate bearings shop

Kader Sylla skates SKF bearings.

In few words, the company has over a century of experience in the design and manufacture of bearings, as well as innovating and bringing solutions to many industries. For the obvious reasons, we welcomed with open arms the information that SKF is now involved in the skateboard industry. Skateboarders are cranky when it comes to skate gear and a company with that much history in finding solutions can be one that will change the standards in the skate bearings market.

oskar rozenberg skf skate bearings shop

Their first model, the SKF - Standard - Skateboard Bearings includes a set of 8 x Abec 5 ball bearings. At Stay_K skate shop, they come for the price of €36. Like all skateboard bearings, these SKF ball bearings are made of steel and come with a synthetic plastic ball cage resistant to lateral loads, light viscosity lubricant, sealed on one side with a shield to protect the bearing from dirt and secure longer life. Note: the Abec rate of these bearings shouldn't push you back.

Intermission for some important Skate Education:

The ABEC rate shows how precise and durable a bearing can be, yes. But, the tests the ABEC committee - where all manufacturers send their bearings to be rated - actually puts the product through, have nothing to do with how skateboarders perform. In fact, the bearings are tested in high speed radial motion, thus only for radial load tolerance, because this is the normal industrial use for bearings. Also, they are tested on machines that reach speeds skateboarders will never be able to reach. At the same time, bearings made for skating take into consideration the unconventional practices skaters put their gear through. Lateral stress, high impacts and more.These factors make the ABEC rating somewhat subjective when it comes to skateboard bearings. Of course, an ABEC 3 bearing can have noticeable differences in performance from an ABEC 7 or 9, but two bearings from different companies, both rated the same, may have differences too. In the end, it all comes down to the quality of the materials.

Louie Lopez skf skate bearings shop

Louie Lopez for SKF skate bearings.

skf skate bearings shop team

The dream team behind the SKF skateboard program.

In addition, a move the company's made to ensure that the product is tested by the right people before it reaches our market, is to bring together some of the best pros in the game to assemble the dream team of Ishod Wair, Beatrice Domond, Kader Sylla, Oskar Rozenberg, Alexis Sablone and Louie Lopez.

SKF, with over a century of bearing innovations, they can ensure a fast and smooth ride for every skateboarder. Our customers deserve nothing less! Let's take these new skate bearings, by a leading manufacturer with such a rich history, for a test drive.

skf skate bearings shop


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