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Paphos Tour 1718 (article & gallery)

Intro and Editing by Christos Yiannaki

"Different locations are one of the sweetest parts in the skateboarding game."

Last summer, specifically on 4-6 August 2018, and the previous summer, 18-20 August 2017, we took two great trips to Paphos city and to villages nearby. Crew was tight, with Tony, Timmy Alvanos, Christos ''Mandilas" and myself, along with Evan Anastasi the first time, and the second with Alex "Roso" and his girl Daria. We camped, skated, partied, bathed in the sea, in an all-day-everyday basis. Both times we were lucky to stumble upon festivals at Paradise Pomos Bar, in the middle of a large unbuilt area next to the sea and mountains. Both times we managed to bargain a deal for drinks and entrance. The Jazz Festival being my personal favorite (2017) lasted until the morning, as musicians wouldn't stop enjoying their jams. The rising sun found us in a mood of joy and fulfillment. Things that I hold from the tours - beautiful wakings and drives among nature and clear air, fresh almost virgin skate spots, a good team - basically made my whole summer. Another thing that I would like to mention, not knowing if it's a coincidence. Paphos' residents like to solve (or dissolve) their issues by fighting more often. We'd watched 3 fights in a day, girls pulling hair and Georgians vs Pakistanis. Tony could tell you more. Because when he later moved there for work, at his first job he experienced the gnarliest bloody fight anyone would ever see at a wedding, involving the bride. For real! However, check the photographs and read the article by Tony, get hyped and then off you go, live your life. Cheers!

Following Article by Tony Josephides

Different locations are one of the sweetest parts in the skateboarding game. Even if you lack motivation, just by arriving at a new place which has potential for a trick, then a feeling to become one with your skateboard and the space around you is awaken at once. The more creatively you think, the easier to consider the arrangement of the space as a skate-spot.

Paphos, as a main city, is the furthest destination from Nicosia. So we were stoked from the beginning. Going for ''adventures'' along a bunch of riders is crazy. Both tours (2017, 2018) were a wonderful experience and left me with unforgettable memories, although they were rather spontaneous. Our team was top class. Zero organization but appetite on full. The only plan was to stay for 2 or 3 nights, but where? Wherever. Our only home was Yiannaki's car, which was filled with camera cases, bags, a couple clothes for each to change (I also brought my good shirt to wear for a possible luxurious exit!), bottles of water and such, and of course our skateboards.

August 2017, first night of our Paphos Tour and we went to a Jazz Festival. Crazy melodies, drinks and dancing. I woke up on a hammock and when I looked around people were sleeping on the floor, on tables or in their cars. We slept a bit more at the beach and then we went to Polis' well-known pier for dives, where we met up with Evan who drove from Larnaca. When the weather cooled (this is a lie cause Cyprus in summer is always hot.) we were on our skateboards. We just cruised around but we filmed some cool clips. Firstly, we stumbled upon a square where we sessioned a manual-box. I recall Mandilas manual to gap and my heelflip manual, chilling stuff. Then we'd gone to a plaza of which we knew, with perfect square rails and lots of good flatground spots. Yiannakis' pole jam to 5-o there was crazy. We also filmed some lines, had some beers and left.

Jazz Festival at Pomos.

On the second night we hanged out at Ayia Napa street in Paphos. A street filled with bars and clubs and a bunch of drunks. Very similar to the original square basically. But before going there we had to take a bath and freshen up, right? The local baths for swimmers was the spot. Fresh gentlemen on the dance floor, ready for those dance moves. After the party we ended up in Polis Chrysochous. I wanted to photograph the sunrise in the beautiful nature at this place. So we went to sleep at 10 am, this time at a picnic site.

On the third day we woke up from souvlaki smell. Sunday at a picnic site in Cyprus, you know the deal. People and barbecue. There was this awesome guy who served us souvlaki! On that day we drove the worse road to Adonis Baths. Upon arrival we were informed that the baths were closing in an hour. It was cool though, we took a bath in super cold water and then went to skate at Geroskipou plaza.

Similar was the tour in 2018. We went, this time, to a reggae festival at Pomos. Evan wasn't among the crew, but Roso was, with his girlfriend. We slept wherever, on hammocks, in tents, on the ground between nature. We managed a visit to the local hospital, because Timmy was bitten by some infected mosquitoes. After waiting for him for about an hour, we realized that he had a good sleep with the injection in his arm, on the hospital bed. He was fine after all.

Watch the video by Yiannakis and my photographs and get a taste of our tours : )

Timmy cruising during sunrise. On empty roads.

Mandilas went surfing.

From Polis to Pomos.

The pier next to Polis Chrysochous.

Family went picnic.

Tarzan.. eh Mandilas at Adonis Baths.

Adonis mate. Is that they say swimming in his baths helps fertility.

Evan Anastasi.


Timmy loves mosquitoes.

And all that jazz.

Christos Yiannaki - Pole Jam to 5-o

Photographs by Tony Josephides -

Cinematography by Christos Yiannaki


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