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"STAY -u- K" London (article & gallery)

Article by Christos Yiannaki

Photography by Marios Polycarpou

Additional photography by Nikolas Ioannou

"Maybe it's not about luck after all."

Greetings. I was gonna say that this article is all about 9 days in London, but actually is not all about that. Thoughts are thrown in here along with the facts, knowledge and speculation. Fun or less fun stuff, it is what it is when shit gets real and nonetheless for the tour that happened beginning of May 2019, shared with the homies from Limassol. Shout out to Alex Kililis, Nikolas "Nipa" Ioannou, Elvis Guk, Stephanos Aradipiotis, Marios Polycarpou, Charis Ioannou and one more shout out to Alex and his housemates for their hospitality, being super polite and friendly. Although, I can't skip to mention that one b**ch who hated being around our of course great company. I hope they manage to kick her out of the house. Sorry for sounding like such a dickhead, but when I think of those days I get mixed feelings, that's all. Would you like to know why?

Well, first bummer is I missed the boys in Barcelona because of work, that was before England for them. They all ripped the holy capital, both skateboarding and partying. Get the point. Ought to see, among others, Charis' lazer flip and inward heel at the Macba blocks and Steph's varial flip. @otzzzi and @postless_pat. Xeexh! Ought to check Jim's dance sessions for an honorable mention. Xeexh! Back to my story. Well, before even beginning my skate trip, at the bus, then airport, plane, bus again, then walk, trains, there something awful must had gone inside my system. In result, as soon as we finished the first session, on day #1 I was hit with a serious sore throat. Boom, day #2 waking ill. And to close the paragraph, on day #3 South Bank didn't serve me so well, due to old devils of an injury. I was left with a sprained ankle, a fever, dizzy, without voice to shout for the homies while they were ripping the spots and to somehow relieve my pain. And I was cold because I hadn't the right clothes too. Mhm, maybe it's not about luck after all.

I'm telling you this, though. Do not think that I haven't had good times during the tour. I kept on breathing, I cruised around, I watched the boys skateboarding how it felt they did it for me as well, I've got memories, of which some are caught on tape, making them easier to remember or "relive". Aren't these reasons enough? Specifically, I chilled with friends who I hadn't seen for long (hope you are having a good time out of homeland!) and I skated South Bank which is the most legendary spot in the UK. Between hot chicken soups and ginger teas with lemon, I managed to drink a couple of brandies at a kind of paradise which is the House Of Vans, inside illuminated tunnels, to peacefully cruise the bowl in cool dizzy and crew vibes. We watched a band without being asked for tickets and I'd gotten a free drink at the bar. Skateboarders are treated VIP right there.

I can safely say that it was one of those times when you have to concentrate in small things about life to enjoy it. In fact, I enjoyed the taste of knocking a can of good beer with friends, even if I needed it warm cause of the circumstances. Anyway I'm having a cold one now as I write this article. I hadn't any kebabs in London, but regard I live where I live. I enjoyed curving on turns and ramps with my toy for a while, even if I couldn't really shred. Anyway I can hit the streets today if I want to. Also, new lands always will serve you enough to keep busy. Chasing dog-sized foxes in busy streets with the camera and deer in a huge park located technically in your backyard is not something you do everyday. Nat Geo style.

To conclude, yeah I also learned a new word from Charis. It has the power to carry Barcelona in its sound all the way to England and then Cyprus. A word which is so simple as the things that I had enjoyed from the trip. Which has a diverse meaning and usage as life and living may have from time to time. A word which is always so fresh like a new happiness or sadness in experiencing anything. The word is "Xeexh"! And you've got to take lessons from the best to learn how to pronounce it, regarding what influence you would like it to have. The when is no problem, as you could say it almost whenever. Although, remember that skateboards sound differently when hitting a ledge than a rail, or when riding crusty red bricks than sweet marble at Platia Palouriotissas. Still, you can hit helicopter leaves (natural skate-stoppers) at the later and suddenly find yourself upside down feeling fragile, watching Big Ben in plaster cast, Notre Dame burning and Platia amputated. Talking about mixed feelings, shit has gotten deep now and I've got to go. Remember, it's tea time!

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