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Homeboy - Beach Baggy Corduroy Pants - petrol

Homeboy - Beach Baggy Corduroy Pants - petrol

€85,00 Regular Price
€68,00Sale Price

Material: 100% cotton, corduroy


Elastic Waistband / Unisex


These baggy pants combine everything that's important: rugged quality, incomparable wearing comfort and strong beach vibes! Thanks to the elastic waistband with integrated drawstring, the baggy wears like a pair of sweatpants but doesn't look like a pair of sweatpants thanks to its chino look and robust material. On the contrary, the two side welt pockets and the single welt pocket on the back give them a rather elegant style. Combined with the x-tra wide fit of baggy pants, this all-rounder offers maximum freedom of movement when skating and a cool look in everyday life.


Fit: The x-tra BEACH baggy has an elastic waistband, which can also be fine-tuned with an embedded drawstring. In addition, the trousers have a super wide leg in the thigh and knee area. They are tapered, i.e. they taper slightly towards the end of the leg. This means that they rest on your shoes and you don't step on them.

Color: Petrol