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Homeboy - Monster Cargo Shorts - black

Homeboy - Monster Cargo Shorts - black


Material: 100% cotton, ripstop material


Size Guide / Waist: 26=72cm, 27=75cm, 28=77.5cm, 29=80cm, 30=82.5cm, 31=85cm, 32=88cm, 33=90.5


The baggy pants for the summer! With the MONSTER CARGO shorts you are guaranteed plenty of legroom even on hot days during a skate session or simply on the way to the beach. The look of the shorts is based on their original from the 90s, but has a modern and progressive cut. Details like the “homeboy x-tra” embroidery, the retro flytab and the X-seam on the back pockets promise OG vibes. The x-tra MONSTER CARGO shorts have wide-cut legs, they fit snugly at the hips and the crotch is just slightly longer than regular-fit trousers. The trouser legs extend slightly above the knees.

Color: Black