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Free Black Griptape with every skateboard deck, only at Stay_K skate shop

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Building a new custom skateboard setup, most people, the first thing they look into is what skateboard deck to buy. We like to say that all skate parts, even the smaller ones, are equally important. Still, the part you are most in touch with, popping, kicking, flicking it, when skating is the deck. Some skaters care a lot about the graphic under their feet or whose signature pro model it is. Others don't care at all. Guess it's different for each skater. Nevertheless, we have colors, shapes, concaves and designs for all tastes. At Stay_K skate shop you can find a wide variety of the classic popsicle decks, of course, along with special shaped decks and some with Fibertech technology, too. Find skateboard decks from best selling companies like Antiz, Favorite, Magenta, Polar, and our own debut Stay_K Skateboards! 

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SKATEBOARD DECKS at STAY_K online Skate Shop

At Stay_K skate shop find skateboard decks from top European and international companies like Antiz, Emillion, Favorite, Into the Wild, Lousy Livin, Magenta, Pass-Port, Polar and our own original Stay_K skateboard decks. In addition, the stock is updated very often with all the new collections from the brands we work with.

99% of the pro skateboard decks out there are made of 7 layers of hard canadian maple wood, called the 7-ply construction. There are a few others that have special technology to make them harder to break. We offer this choice, too, with the Emillion Fibertech. We recommend these decks if you like to skate stairs a lot, gaps and other high impact spots, or if you happen to break boards more easily than others for different reasons. Fibertech, with their technology, gives you a margin for error when landing on your board.

 skateboard deck skate shop online cyprus
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