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21st June 2020 (Gallery official)

Introduction by Christos Yiannaki

Photography by George V.

Shot on Canon 6d,

with Canon 24mm-70mm f2.8 lens and Samyang 8mm f2.8 fisheye.

go skate day event skateboard cyprus

This year's Go Skateboarding Day was a special one. This is not the first time I've said it, nor the last that I will (I hope it doesn't get tiring saying it again, anyway). We managed to gather up alright - skateboarders, enthusiasts, all around good people - without much promotion for the event, due to... you know why . And all were eager to follow to the last spot, Ag. Andreas Skatepark, where we stayed until midnight, still celebrating, still shredding. As it seems, OGs are missing the good old #goskateday, with its cruising around the streets and its hitting all the legendary and random spots thing (these kind of events used to happen more than once a year). At the same time, the new blood is thirsty for the true #skatelife. After all, skateparks are really good to help the scene grow and to learn tricks more easily, but the roads and sidewalks are where it all started. Raw beauty.

 skate nikolas nipa ioannou event skateboard cyprus

Cyprus is a small island and words get around fast. But, this is not the only reason we achieved large attendance at the event, which, along a few organisational touches, made it successful eventually. Another main reason is, people look to experience such positivity. People look for action, beyond words, and art, beyond ideas. Using our favorite craft and architecture to create something of wonder is basic for us. So, by using just a few tools to spread the word, we proved one more time that our skate scene is strong, by coming together. The goal is to keep doing it to push our favorite activity, to push the local talent and scene. There is only room for appreciation on all sides: organizers/shops, the locals, the public that experienced the positive vibes.

go skate day event skateboard cyprus

Of course, this happening attracted some of the best content creators of our scene, too. We can't express our gratitude enough for all the good memories that these legends saved and shared, during Go Skateboarding Day 2020 and in general. Why, for what is better than to have such joyful moments? It's to have a few pictures to back them up. We imagine you have already watched the official video from the event and our previous blog post. Saving the best for last, now you can enjoy a gallery with work by our friend George V. exclusively on Stay_K.

lefteris demetriou rappas skate event skateboard cyprus

First spot was Platia Palouriotissas aka OG Skate Plaza. Is there a better way to start such a day?

go skate day event skateboard cyprus

go skate day event skateboard cyprus

stevie alvanos skate  event skateboard cyprus