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Stay_K - the SHREADY! crew

The new full-length skateboard film by Stay_K is coming sooner than ''coming soon'' posts usually mean. So, we thought it's a good idea to share the line-up of the film. Meaning the skaters who have full parts in it. Meaning the crew that was countless times out together mission mode on.

This is a big project with footage up to four years old. Was it the global crisis which caused delays? Was it that such big projects have always difficulties anyway? Nevertheless, there are expectations, since our last big video project "Sup' Rise" came out back in 2015. The good thing about all that time between is that you're going to see new additions to the team, as well as OGs who, after a hiatus in their relationship with cameras, are back stronger than ever and hungry for more.

Along with the crew, we always had homies backing us up, Cy-based and from abroad. Our community is a big and tight one and whoever's a skater knows about the bond. You'll get to see these community vibes and lifestyle / tour vibes in the video. So, expect a classic friends montage with lots of skateboarding. Expect lots of different skate spots from all over Cyprus, Athens, Andros island, Sofia, Barcelona and more. Special, this thing we do and we do it for life.


LIMASSOL - Tuesday 27/07

Location: Dusty Munky

Doors open: 18.00 Screening: 20.30

Address: Andrea Drousioti 23A

More info:

@dustymunkybar @dustymunky_

NICOSIA - Saturday 31/07

Location: ARTos

Doors open: 19.00 Screening: 20.30

Address: Agion Omologiton 64

More info:


@_stay_k_ @stayk.sktbrding

stay k shready skateboard shop video cyprus

stay k shready skate shop video cyprus

charis ioannou christos mandilas tony tzo josephides skate video

charis ioannou tasos panayi nikolas nipa ioannou skate video cyprus

 tasos panayi skate video cyprus stay k

 tasos panayi skate video cyprus stay k


Bet most of you can't wait to watch Tasos' part. And you've got a good reason to do so. One word: Hammers. He's always this one-man-band, ball of energy and raw power. Sure many sessions were an experience with Tasos. Still very young but managed to leave his mark on almost every well known spot in Cy. Between long work hours and @cysk8clips posts, he managed to film a hell of a part.

 tasos panayi skateboard video cyprus stay k

christos yiannaki skateboard video cyprus stay k


Does this old dawg have shit to show, still? Yeah, he does. Don't be surprised. Still learning many new tricks, still finding virgin spots, still nailing NBDs at old spots that he first skated 15 years ago. We can safely say that his clips are a breath of fresh air. The only thing that makes us wonder is how he manages to have a full part in the film, since he has filmed most of it and edited it too.

christos yiannaki skate video cyprus stay k

nikolas nipa ioannou skate video cyprus


About to hit the legend ranks, this powerhouse of a skateboarder won't dissapoint of course. The kind of energy, coming straight from the skate gods, Nipa's got plenty for the whole crew. Sometimes it was needed to make a session. Now, he works for Boardhouse Cy, but he's been a part of the crew for so long that we can understand if there's a good spot around by the look in his eyes. Smells like something is going down? Better be there to capture it.

nikolas nipa ioannou skateboard video cyprus