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Tony & Charis RAW clips from Ambers Red Coffee

Get ready for 3 and half minutes Raw footage with some of the best skateboarding that went down in the island the last couple years...

Back in December 2023, Limassol homies - the Ambers crew released a full length skateboard video called 'Red Coffee'. What makes the video special for us, other than the fact that most people involved are long-time friends and local legends, is that two riders from Stay_K have full parts in it. It's Tony Tzo Josephides and Charis Ioannou!

Filmed and edited by Tom Havle, this instant-classic banger of a full length, with run-time 36 mins, was more than enough to make our beautiful Czech friend, who resigns in Cyprus for a while now, reach the legend ranks of CY skate scene (note, Tom also has a part in the video).

We're very happy that the good homies at Ambers Limassol gave us the chance to edit some of our boys' raw clips to present this lil' cut. Brewed in the streets with: good skateboarding, the raw sounds of concrete and cheerful vibes from friends all over the island supporting each other.


Watch 'Ambers - Red Coffee' here:

Watch more of Tony, Charis and the rest of the Stay_K crew:

Filmed by Tom Havle

Starring: Tony Tzo Josephides, Charis Ioannou

Guest Appearances: Christos Yiannaki, Tasos Panayi

skater-owned Core To The Bone 🩸


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