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Tony Tzo celebrates 15 years of skateboarding

"Every time I overcome the limits I realize a reason for my existence..."

Tony "Tzo" Josephides celebrates 15 years since he first got his hands on a proper skateboard and begun the journey. This video mix that range from ancient to pretty old to new and never-seen-before footage, dressed with a nice poetic voiceover, it's a celebration for both the good and the bad times. In addition, Tony gives us a glimpse of the fall that caused his head injury, that'd kept him out for 4 months just after he'd turned pro for Stay_K. Throughout all these years, our favorite activity has kept him 100%, still drawn to it and in this video, indirectly, he points out some of the reasons for that.

Voiceover, concept and video editing by Tony.

We really can't wait to see what this multitalented man is cooking for the near future!

ENG translation to the voiceover:

"15 years, but I couldn't know back then...

Feelings, explosions, fights, smiles, war. Pain, fear, nightmares, hallucinations, visions. Heights, depths, downhill and uphill. Rough ground, endless trial. Back and forth, up and down, right and left.

Many the things a wooden board has given me to understand. Only when you stop, your progress stops. You are the soul and mind inside a tool called body. When your focus is there, the falls will bring you to rise again instead of stopping. A story of love. Balancing and reaching your limits gives you the chance to realize where you have been, where you are and how far you can go. You have to confront tsunamis and storms before you get back on your feet.

Every time I overcome the limits I realize a reason for my existence and for banging my head. Let me tell you, limits are there to protect us and not to imprison. The biggest enemy we may have is our self. If we get to know and love him, he can't hurt us."

Following, some recent photos shot by @Vitpecha of our boy in Limassol:


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